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    Moderator Application - Vick


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    Moderator Application - Vick Empty Moderator Application - Vick

    Post  vick on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:59 am

    In-Game Name: Vick

    Name one rule you feel is broken too often and how you would fix it:havent seen any rules broken yet.

    Name one reason a person should be muted and why:a person should be mute if they r swearing at a staff member/begging for staff.

    Do you have any staff experience:yes was admin on 2 servers and mod on 4

    Would you become more active if you became a moderator:yes although i play 24/7 basicly anyway Very Happy

    Why do you want to be moderator, be specific, this is important:i really like helping new players and keeping an eye on the community

    How would you deal with a situation in which a player was cursing at you and using very personal insults:i would ask them to stop and if they carried on i would then mute them for 1 hour

    Do you know how to use the current moderator commands correctly:yes i have loads of experience

    How would you help Hien and Bao: i could help them by bringing in more players and by donating more aswell

    Any additional comments: really love this server best 317 ive seen in a while Very Happy

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