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    Moderator Application - zezima


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    Moderator Application - zezima Empty Moderator Application - zezima

    Post  zezima on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:45 pm

    In-Game Name: Zezima

    Name one rule you feel is broken too often and how you would fix it:No rule is that server is broken. I have not found any rule so far that has been broken. It's a good server so i don't think we will find rules that are broken.

    Name one reason a person should be muted and why:Nobody is that server should be muted. I have noticed that everyone is very friendly and don't talk badly to other players. I'm sure we will find someone that has broken a serious rule and will have to be muted or jailed.

    Do you have any staff experience: Yes, I've been staff on 4 servers. I've really enjoyed being staff on each server. I have gotten compliments from the server owners of how well of a job that I've done. I will do my best for this server.

    Would you become more active if you became a moderator: Well, i don't think i can get much more active because i am already very active. I am on everyday almost all day having fun on the server. I enjoy it very much.

    Why do you want to be moderator, be specific, this is important: I want to be a moderator because i love helping people out and when i see someone that is down or frustrated i like to help them calm down. I think i will do my very best to help this server have a great community.

    How would you deal with a situation in which a player was cursing at you and using very personal insults: I would ask them nicely to stop and ask them why they are mad or frustrated. Then i would try and fix the problem. If i could not and the player keep using hurtful language i would have to mute them.

    Do you know how to use the current moderator commands correctly:I'm gonna have to be refreshed because i quit private servers for awhile. I think they are ::mute(player) ::unmute(player) ::xtele(player). :p om gonna have to learn them again but i learn quickly.

    How would you help Hien and Bao: I would help them by making sure everyone is getting along and not hurting each other. I really enjoy helping people so every chance i get i will help someone. I would really enjoy being mod because i would know people can come to me for help.

    Any additional comments: I love this server. I cant say it enough. I enjoy playing it everyday. I enjoy helping everyone out. I donated 12m and my own runescape account, I will never regret donating that stuff. I really hope you enjoy reading this as i enjoyed typing it. Thanks guys. - Jake

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