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    Antrhax Admin app =)


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    Antrhax Admin app =) Empty Antrhax Admin app =)

    Post  Antrhax on Wed Aug 03, 2011 4:58 pm

    in-game name: AntrhaX

    Age: 17

    How long do you play daily: i will be able to play 6 hours a day if nessecery

    Any experience as staff (Mod+): I have beend co owner on 2 other servers ive beend mod on another 2 servers [rapidpk - boxrune] I have also hosted my own server a 317 server, i have medium experience with coding i am also a forum designer, i can also make forum headers and stuff like that, if needed!

    Write a little bit about yourself: I'm a 17 yr old boy from norway, im studing Computers in school and have done that the last 2 years and im doing my last year now,
    i play rsps and hang out with friends and my girlfriend in the freetime,

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