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    One Poke Ko's admin application Empty One Poke Ko's admin application

    Post  One Poke Ko on Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:42 am

    In-Game Name: One Poke Ko (main account) or 3mo skillz ( skiller) and one more is for PK and go undercover.---Only have 3 of these for every private server.

    Name one rule you feel is broken too often and how you would fix it: The only one rule that is too often is duping. Pro duper know many way to dupe. I would fix it by go undercover and ask them how he did it or if he don't tell try to trick him say he can dupe and get evidence of him know how to dupe so I can screenshot and ban them. SO they can't appeal saying I ban them for no reason

    Name one reason a person should be muted and why:
    Auto typer....People from another server will auto type and advertise their server. I would continue mute them even when they use ip changer and make a new account. I will mute them until they give up.

    Do you have any staff experience: Yes I was a mod on godz wrath. I got some screenshots if you want proof I will show.

    Would you become more active if you became a Administrator:: If I get that position then I will be extremely active.

    Why do you want to be moderator, be specific, this is important: Because I want to help out other players and the server also because I am Viet and because there not many Viet playing rs or rsps so I want to help out.

    How would you deal with a situation in which a player was cursing at you and using very personal insults: I will mute them and they can appeal in the forum.

    Do you know how to use the current Administrator: commands correctly: Yes I even have my own server and play offline. So the commands for admin should be easy to know. Also because every server the admin have different commands so if some I don't know I will ask.

    How would you help Hien and Bao: I can code a bit but very basic coding, I can make banner and graphics stuff ( I own Photoshop CS5. I can make youtube video for server too. I'm also active on forum and I can help with forumotion too and I can make us a new website using diffrent website maker that is way better than FORUMOTION Or WEBS. I can also gain more players by getting us on other website like RUNLOCUS and MOPARSCAPE and other forum that allow you to advertise RSPS and many more things I can do. ( like grammar or typing a page with pictures and words about what the server have just like pro server do)

    Any additional comments:

    How long can you play each day?- 7 days but sometime not Thursday or Friday. I play 3-6 hours sometime more.

    Why do you think you deserve it? Well because I know alot about 317 and 562+ in game.

    I have MSN, YAHOO messenger and skype and other....

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